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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Underground Subway Scene tutorial result

Alright, this is my newest image, created by following Andrew Price's great Underground Subway Scene tutorial. I really enjoy using the compositing nodes in Blender. Before I knew how to use Blender's compositing nodes, I used to think that they were a poor substitute of Photoshop. However, compositing nodes are much more than an image manipulating tool. For example, you can actually input the depth information (Z-buffer in 3D parlance) of a scene and alter the pixels according to that—imagine an alpha channel in 3D! Anyway, Andrew's tutorial relies heavily, as usual, in the compositing nodes to bring up and image and really give it the extra kick to stand out.

Somehow related to this, I've been thinking lately that I'd be nice to create a scene of a post-apocalyptic subway station. I'll keep you posted if I started, and include some progress posts.

Here's my final result. I'm not 100% happy with it. However, I consider it more of an exercise, a study if you will, not so much a "real" project. This reminds me of something my music teacher told me once about Bach's suites for cello and Pau Casals. Apparently, before Pau Casals popularized them, they used to be regarded just as studies for the cello. So, he studied them thouroughly, and began to play them in concerts. Eventually they became to be recognized for what they truly are: works of art. Anyway, what's the difference between a study and a work of art?

I have no idea what that 608 stands for...


  1. one of the best, i like it

    2 minor things:
    - too tight cables (a little dark)
    - big size number plate (not so important)

  2. thx tbagriyanik, I think you're right, the numbers are too big... WhenI have a chance I'll rework it :)

  3. Sweet dude.

    One piece of advice - reduce the normal map on that wall - it looks a bit too rough. I also think the floor could be darker/rougher.

  4. Hey Aaron, thanks for the advice. I'll see if I can post an updated image some time soon...