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Here is a sample of renders I've done over the years. If you are interested in my work, please drop me a line: andreucabre at gmail dot com :)

A coke bottle scene where I explore glass, caustics,
and little imperfections. BlenderNation featured it in their site.
Created in Blender, rendered in Cycles.

A study of a bit of organic and curvy modeling. The framing, lighting,
and composition are inspired in 17th century paintings. Modeled in Blender,
rendered in Cycles.

An image that showcases some fun, alternative designs of the Catalan pro-independence flag—known as estelada.
The image I came up with is pretending to be a natural-history museum kind of display of lapel pins typically worn
by pro-indy folks—although this practice used to be more common back in the seventies than it is nowadays.
I was inspired by a friend's piece of individual cereal bits displayed in a similar manner.
Subway station created entirely in Blender and rendered in Cycles.
Inspired in some of the subway stations in Barcelona. I added some
freeware people panels to give it some realism. Also, I did some post production
compositing in Blender—like the flare effect.

A Go board scene, submitted to a competition on the Luxrender forum.
Modeled in Blender and Cheetah3D. I've always loved the esthetic qualities
around Go boards and stones.

A render of the Ear Reddening go game, probably the most famous
go game in history. Tools used are Blender, Cycles, and a bit of Photoshop.

A study on green glass, created with Blender and Cycles/

A book cover illustration for an upcoming book on epub, created
entirely with Blender and rendered in Cycles.

These two renders are my take on a very famous Catalan monastery. It gave me the chance to do
all sorts of procedural-like modeling, using a bunch of splines and arrays. Done in Cheetah3D.