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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Subway Scene

There's a new idea I've been thinking about recently. It is a scene of a post-apocalyptic subway station, all broken-up and showing signs of, well, post-apocalyptic chaos. This is the very beginning of the project. For the station, I've been taking mental notes from this subway station near home. Some day I'll go and actually take pictures of it, for the details and proportions. Since it's going to end up all destroyed, it's mostly for reference. I'm going to to post progress renders on this blog as well as on blenderartists. Here is the first pic:

Very basic render with just Ambient Occlusion. The dimensions
of the station are roughly 12 meters wide by 100 meters long.
I'll adjust the this size once I get more realistic figures. By the way,
the 100 m long figure comes from me actually walking the whole
station :) 

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