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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LuxRender v0.8RC1 released

Today I read the great piece of news that a new Luxrender 0.8 stable release was out. I actually got to try out this version just a couple of days ago, thanks to Jens, the person who has been making the builds available on the Luxrender forum. Until then, you see, I was not able to try out this version, because I don't actually have a computer that is both Intel 64 bit and has Snow Leopard installed. My laptop runs Snow Leopard, but it is a 32 bit Intel machine. At work, I have a 64 bit Intel Mac, but I'm still running on 10.5! Anyway, now, thanks o this release, I am able to use Luxrender 0.8 on my laptop. Boy am I not disappointed. I think rendering speed might have doubled at least, if not quadrupled. Don't get me wrong, render times are still pretty high (some 5-6 hours for a 1000 sample per pixel render), but that's nothing compared to what it was before, and without having to get a new Mac! :) I also look forward to trying the new materials and functions on v0.8.

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