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Friday, February 11, 2011

Coke bottle created in Blender and rendered in Luxrender

As the title indicates, I created this bottle from scratch entirely in Blender 2.56. The shape of the bottle itself was created with an Array modifier that follows the rotation of an Empty. I love the flexibility that such a technique allows, since it lets you offset and duplicate an object, while at the same time changing its rotation and size. I'm including a mini-tutorial on this as well. Very powerful tool!

The renders themselves were done using a great open source renderer called Luxrender. I discovered  it a couple of months ago, inspired by Raimon Guarro, whose blog you can see here. You can find the thread of the work in progress of this file here. Enjoy—hey, it's a Coke after all!

Circular Array modifier in Blender 2.56 tutorial

Planning ahead, I noticed I would need to create ten sections of the same shape.
This is what it looks like.

Same thing, just seen from above. Everything sits within a 36 degree arc.

Add an Empty...

Rotate it by 36 degrees, as shown here.

Going back to the bottle profile, add an Array modifier, with an Object Offset set to the
Empty I just created. These are the settings I used for it.
The Merge and First Last options are essential here.

This is what it looks like, after adding a Subdivision Surface
modifier. God I love Blender! :D


  1. great one Andreu!
    Lux' glass looks like it's been done to celebrate the awesome shape of the bottle. are you using glass or glass2?

    Alessandro (aka SurfingAlien)

  2. Glass2. I can post the material settings if you're interested. :)

  3. It'd be very kind from you. as a LR newbie I'm eager of learning from every good bit I find around (can't play with it too much with my MBP now and I'm kind of sick of reinstalling, updating and tweaking python plugins to follow each new Blender API... hopefully I'll get a new dedicated machine with a proper GPU when 2.6 and 0.8 will be out!)


  4. Nice work, Materiel settings could be nice :)

  5. I've added a new post with the material settings for the Glass2.