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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do you find a job in 3D?

So, I'm really thinking that my life would be so much nicer if I had a job where I'm actually using the 3D skills I've developed over the years. Not that there is anything wrong with my current job or anything, mind you. Actually I get to use a set of skills that needed a bit of reaffirmation, like consistency, organization, leadership, imagination, creativity, and attention to detail. I work in a pre-press/design environment, using the CS5 tools regularly, and that's actually great. Illustrator and Photoshop have always been some of my favoritest programs :D

However, I wonder often what it would take to land a job or a gig doing 3D work. I have no idea, frankly. I am mostly self-taught, and I have a few doubts about my skills, plus I am not too heavily into animation purely, rather my "specialty" is modeling stuff, texturing it, and rendering stills, plus game asset creation, of course. Also, I use tools like Blender, Cheetah3D, modo, which are not necessarily the most mainstream tools out there (like Maya or 3DS Max)—although I kinda think that Blender will pwn them all in the end :D So if you have any suggestion about what one can do to get work in the 3D field, some insider information that might be useful, I'd like to hear it very much.

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