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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tea Bottle Studio Render

I am showing here a render of a commercial piece I worked on a while ago, with some modifications—the label has been replaced with one of my own invention. For those interested, it reads matcha, the word in Japanese for green tea.

Image 1. Green tea studio shot, with some
condensation drops to add a bit more interest.

Readers of this blog may already know of my predilection for rendering anything glass and liquid. Some examples are here and here. For the tea in the bottle, originally I had used Blender Diplom's absorption node trick. Since the last time I worked on this piece, volume absorption support was added to Cycles, so I changed the setup to the much more straightforward shown on image 1. I will be playing around with volume very soon, it's a great feature for sure :)

Image 2. To add absorption to glass, simply connect a Volume Absorption
node to the Material output Volume socket. It is just awesome! 

As for the scene setup, I am showing here a screenshot of what it looks like. It's nothing too fancy: just a few lights an a studio backdrop. I love how Cycles lets you see the studio setup as a rendered image, it looks awesome!

Image 3. Cycles lets you see exactly what your scene looks like,
even from far away. It's weird, but nice :)

Image 4. Who can read a wireframe, anyway?

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