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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Back to LuxCoreRender

I've been using Cycles for my rendering jobs almost exclusively for a number of years now. In the past, when I wasn't happy with Blender internal renderer, I had tried Luxrender, but gave up on it when Cycles came out. I recently re-discovered Luxrender, which is not called that anymore, but LuxCoreRender, and it is really really good. Almost to the point of making me want to switch to it from Cycles. For one thing, it does caustics like a breeze, and it has a very solid material node workflow. So, I re-created an old scene of mine in LuxCoreRender, and it did not come out half bad. Click here for the Cycles version. Enjoy!

What I like about LuxCoreRender version is how good it does the caustics, and how incredibly
realistic glass is.

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