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Friday, December 7, 2012

Ear Reddening Render

This is my latest render. I've been getting back into go, and I like having go-related backgrounds on my computer. I usually search online for pictures or Japanese prints, and place them as wallpapers. One of these is the photo shown below, which apparently comes from this site.

Ear reddening game reference photo. 

The problem is that it is pretty low rez. So I decided to recreate it, using my existing goban scene, but modifying it a bit, and of course placing a bunch of additional stones on the board, up to the ear reddening move. Here is the result. Feel free to download it and use it as your desktop image.

I created the kanji letters (which read ear reddening move) in Illustrator.
I imported them as SVG into Blender, and placed them in a separate scene.
I combined both renders in the node compositor after that
—you can choose specific scene renders as separate inputs.

For those who don't know, the ear reddening move is a famous move in go lore. Played by Honinbo Shusaku against his rival Inoue Genan Inseki, it is the perfect move that managed to radically change the pace of an almost lost game for Shusaku (he fell into a joseki trap at the beginning of the game), and allowed him to turn the tables on his opponent. The move is called ear reddening because, according to legend, after the game one of the onlookers, not a go player himself, commented that he was sure Shusaku would end up winning the game because he saw Genan's ears get red upon seeing this move. My Cycles render did not take that long, so it wasn't very ear-reddening after all :)

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