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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Demo Reel

I just updated my demo reel. I had not watched it recently, and then one day I noticed it needed an update really badly :) For one thing, the old demo reel had both unfinished projects (a big no-no), and some stuff that wasn't supposed to be there. My new demo reel has now my best pieces, and I have added some new and old illustrations and 2D art. I used to do a lot of comic-style drawings (lots of goblins and warriors and aliens), and a bit of some traditional stuff—like figure drawings, which are fascinatingly productive. I've been trying to get back to drawing and painting, so I think it's OK to include this, since it is more indicative of where I am currently. As usual, comments and crits are more than welcome :)

Thanks for watching and enjoy!   

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