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Monday, May 21, 2012


Here is a scene I've been working on since the beginning of the spring. I decided daffodils are my new favorite flower. Never really paid much attention to these humble flowers, but they are truly incredible works of nature. At first, I was going to have this be an outdoors scene, but somehow it turned into an indoor scene, a kind of still life. I hope to instill some of my love for 17th century art into this piece. We'll see. Also, before I forget, the name daffodil comes from asphodel (from the Greek ἀσφόδελος), another name for the plant and flower.

I started modeling the flowers in Cheetah3D, but I ended up modeling everything else in Blender. As for the render, I used Blender's Cycles. ,The scene is still a work in progress, as I need to work on the textures and add a couple of details. Also, modeling those shears was incredibly fun!

The tile texture comes from the CGTextures site.
I can't quite decide on the color for the cloth :)
Rendered to 500 samples on Cycles.

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