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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mac OSX Sidebar in Blender's File Browser Bookmarks

This is a quick tip for Mac OSX users. The Sidebar on Mac OSX is this area that every Finder window has—that is, if you select View > Show Sidebar on the Finder. In it you can place files, folders, and volumes for easy access, by just dragging them in there. A kind of alias is created on the fly. To remove them, press Command and drag them out of the Sidebar.

For a while, I wondered where the non-removable bookmarks in the Bookmarks panel on Blender's File Browser came from. Of course, you can create your own bookmarks by browsing to a folder and pressing Add. However, there are these other bookmarks I can't remove. Where do they come from?  I just discovered that Blender accesses the items on the Mac OSX Sidebar and places them in the Bookmarks panel in the File Browser. I know it's a silly tip, but it feels good knowing you can control its contents.

This is what my Sidebar looks like.

These are the bookmarks on my File Browser window.
They match the contents in the Sidebar. Notice that Airdrop
is shown as myDocuments.cannedSearch. Also, I'm not exactly
sure how Blender orders the items in the Sidebar...

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