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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

La muse dans le tram - Review

I just discovered, through Blendernation's site, this new short film, titled La muse dans le tram (Muse on the Tram), written and directed by Alexander Volos, and starring Alexey Kireenko. As Volos' puts it:
This is my first film as a director. I and colleagues studied the possibility of a Blender and GIMP on this project. Film about the musician, who searches inspiration, listening to city sounds. Action occurs in the invented world of the retro-future.
Just the fact that open source tools were used on this project is remarkable, although it‘s becoming increasingly common—for example, see last year‘s Rosa, by Jesús Orellana. Besides the technical aspects, like a pretty perfect integration of CG and real footage, and a seemingly unending source of CG objects perfectly adapted to the theme, I think that the most interesting aspect of the film is the use of color gradation schemes (sepia tone) to define the mood.

Set in a steampunk-ish environment, with crazy transportation vehicles, and funny robots running around, the whole short focuses around aesthetics. There is not much to the story line. I think that better sound editing might have helped make the point about a musician drawing inspiration from the sounds around the city. However, just the experience of immersing oneself in the intriguing landscapes makes up for it. Overall, I'd give it four stars out of 5 (★★★★☆). Good job!

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