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My Favorite Animations

Caldera is a collaborative effort by director and animator (actually, this guy can do everything) Evan Viera and animator Chris Bisho. It tells the story of a mentally ill girl who decides to stop taking her meds. What happens next is profound, beautiful, and scary at the same time. Beautiful and trend-setting. You can see the trailer on vimeo.

Bassam Kurdali's second Open Movie project after Elephants Dream. Although Tube is still in production, it shows a lot of potential for being a stylistically unique, multilayered narrative—animation for grownups. There is an on-going Kickstarter campaing where you can see a video with a few shots.

• Cubic Tragedy
A really low-poly, well-planned, smart animation with a good plot and an unexpected twist in the end. It contains metaphors within metaphors.

• Rosa
Usually not my cup of tea. Sometimes it feels like it's re-inventing The Matrix. However, it is visually stunning, and full of detail and poetry. Perhaps it deserves all the rave. I can't believe just one person created all this by himself in one year.

• Countdown
Precise storytelling trimmed down to the bare essentials. A sci-fi-esque short with a soul. The music is superb, and the style is elegant.

Meet Meline
Another home-made, stunning short. The details are mind-boggling. Just the fact that someone can create this at home, with user-accessible resources, makes Hollywood obsolete. The camera work is sublime.

A little bit overdone for my taste, but really effective. The storyline is kind of silly, even simplistic, and the movie relies on graphics to pull it through. Still, the visuals are marvelous.

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  1. Nice selection of animations you have chosen. Caldera is amazing. It was nice to see Meet Meline again. just shows what the small animator can do. Thanks.