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Friday, December 2, 2011

I Started Selling Models on Turbosquid!

So the title says it all. I decided to dust off some of my old models, get them all cleaned up, do some renders for the thumbnails, and start selling them on Turbosquid. So far I only uploaded one file, an old sports car I modeled for this Mac racing game, Redline. Because I am using the word "Porsche" for my model (it's a Boxster,) Turbosquid decided to put my submission up for review. Once it passes that review, the model is made available for purchase. Fingers crossed!

One of the things I like the best about Turbosquid so far is that they seem very well organized. Model sellers have a dashboard where they see all the models they have updated, their status, and the sales. It seems that once you start selling, your own status as a seller changes as well, and you get colored diamonds, Makes it seem like a game :).

Here is one of the renders I submitted for a thumbnail. The model itself is low-rez, with somewhere between 4K and 5K polygons, which is optimal for that game in question.

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